The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Zucchini Minestrone(sorta) "IV"

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Zucchini Minestrone(sorta) "IV"

Got up at 8am and rushed to the Sunrice Academy with a post long island tea effect in my head. I knew i shouldn't have gone anywhere the night before my much anticipated Private and Personal Chef training course, but 5 days of funlessness and uglychicksiness in the jungle and in camp made it seem inevitable.

I was told to make lunch by 1345, my sister's got tuition, in which i got home at 1230 and was still feeling light headed.

1245: I was testing and admiring my new set of knives i got from the course.

1300: Still testing and admiring the knives. And safe keeping my new jacket.

1305: Now flipping my sous books, sloooowly over a cup of coffee.. finding lunch.

1315: Woken up from my drunken stupor and realized its not 1215.

1316: Found the fastest and easiest recipe, zucchini soup. Yes. Soup for lunch. Ran to the mall.

Note: You must be wondering how did i get to the mall and got back so quickly. I have a mall directly below my home, Compass Point.

1330: I begin washing and roughly chopping everything. Proceeded to making the stock and broke the spaghetti into pieces. Everything in double time.

1345: Mom and sis got home. They were looking angry.

1350: Lunch was ready. Everybody happy. Lunch was soup. Everyone's faces became poop. Situation Wrap: spaghetti bits were too long, stock is a little light and basil was skimpy. Viola! Half-fucked minestrone. Surprisingly(i swear), it was okay, not bad at all, though it could have gotten way better. But it only made them more hungry, exactly like having an appetizer for lunch.

1400: They had their lunch and scurried off, i was in sweat and in tomato stains, but something told me i had to lay on the couch with the tv for abit. So i did and subconsciously, i went flirting with the zee monster, got knocked out later, got my all energy drained and there went my Saturday.

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