The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Pasta alla norma "V"

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pasta alla norma "V"

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This is a classic Sicilian dish they have really commonly there. Pasta alla norma is actually aubergine pasta, or eggplant or brinjals or whatever you call it. Little did i know, Sicilian aubergines are huge, firm, very flavorful and are constantly in season. Being the smart alec that my alter ego is, I substituted the very amazing Sicilian aubergines for the NTUC Singaporean aubergines. Not to mention they were 4 teeny weeny ones, in which i probably need 7-8. Oh god. I must have forgotten this was an AUBERGINE PASTA.

Anyways, yes I butchered it. With the tomatoes overwhelmingly overpowering the aubergines, my lovely Pasta alla norma became Pasta alla normal bolognesely. Being a true gentlemen, I got roasted ribs in bbq sauce for everybody, hahahaha. And it ended.. happily ever after.

There is absolutely no doubt i will REDO THIS. 2 semi-screwed up dishes this week, next week must be better!

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