The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Rucola con pinoli e melograno "VIII"

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Rucola con pinoli e melograno "VIII"

Originally uploaded by uncle_bleu
Its been a rainy month and i've been bumming up.
Its also been long time since I've traveled to get good ingredients and traveling for good Italian ingredients can be a real bitch.

Although i am living in a multi-ethnic country, majority of the markets around are catered for chinese cuisines which make up of about 70% of the type of food being consumed here, therefore good western ingredients are scarce and i have to travel around.

That also means, I can easily be stereotypically admonished as an asian tryin' to be white by eating and cooking western food.

But the thing about me is that i can't give a flying fuck about public opinions and traditions cause' most people are always wrong.

Don't get me wrong, i like Chinese food alot and i am mostly asian except for one or two body parts, but i like Italian food more.


Cause' its more interesting than MSG.

Anyway, my planned dish for the day was Rocket with pine nuts and pomegranate in shallot and anchovy dressing.
So i made my way to the Cold Storage in Jelita, about 5 mins off Holland V where it seems like the rocket leaves are forever in season. With that, I got a couple of pomegranates, grabbed a really expensive 45g bag of pine nuts and got home with a charred pocket.

20 mins in the kitchen made 1 min of heaven. Each mouthful of the salad is a serious palate flirtation. Tasting, bitter meatiness from the rockets, sweet crunchy juciness from pomegranate seeds, creamy smokiness from the toasted pine nuts and soury saltiness from the anchovy shallot dressing.

It was seriously delicious, it made sex only a tad better.

It was SO good i had to take a picture of it with my pyrex plate.

It only makes you want to have more of it.

Vegetables never treated me this good.

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