The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Chicken Saltimbocca "VI"

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chicken Saltimbocca "VI"

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The menu line-up at the chef course today consisted of "greeky" greens, avocado-shrimp timbale and ni├žoise salade, it was what i had solely during the entire day of my very one and only weekend book-out. They weren't displeasing, disappointing or anything like that, i even got to savor organic globe artichokes, but it certainly got my body screaming for some meaty protein which i perpetually need very much to revitalize my diminishing brain cells and my sagging biceps.

Giada de Laurentiis, my italian culinary sex goddess, tells me i should make Chicken Saltimbocca today. "Saltimbocca" means "Leap in the mouth" in Roman, or so she says. It is basically Proscuitto di Parma and spinach wrapped around with a slab of chicken chop with a reduction of chicken broth and lemon juice. Oh, it costs a bomb too. 6 paper-thin slices of good Parma Ham will cost
anywhere from SGD$15-$25(if you know a place to get it cheaper please mail me), but there was certainly no compromising on getting it especially on a day like this.

My spinach was taking too long to thaw and the broth was taking its time, my supposing happy bookout will all lie down to this, i couldn't wait already, i was desperate. I seared the chicken and simmered in the broth, set aside the rolls and reduced the sauce. It was ready. I sliced them into "california maki"-shaped portions hurriedly place them on a plate for the photo. Here you see the photo wasn't well taken, i couldn't care much about the photo at that point of time, i just wanted to devour that readily served chicken saltimbocca and absorb every single bit of protein and flavor in there. I dipped the roll in the sauce and excited stuffed it in my mouth.
The romans were not lying, it was good. Damn good. I swear my eyes went half shut and my vision went blurry. The tender meaty texture of the chicken complimented the nutty saltiness of the Parma and the delightful aroma of the parmesan-ed spinach in absolute harmony. The soury consume-like sauce amplified the taste and awakened my buds. It was then that made me consider renewing my faith in female chefs, not being sexist or whatsoever, but my luck with female chefs' recipes were over-hyped or lacking in flavor. But god, Giada is HOT.

So my Saturday is now complete. I have guard duty tomorrow and my mates are wanting drinks tonight.. decisions decisions!

Next post on Tuesday, it is my special OFF day.

Note: Main picture obtained from Giada's webpage -

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