The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Risotto con pancetta, salvia e parmigiano "II"

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Risotto con pancetta, salvia e parmigiano "II"

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My granny has just passed away and everyone at home's on a not so unmoody mood. To add to that, my ingenius domestic maid fixed us a lunch of boiled pasta with "campbells vegetable tomato soup" sauce which was inevitably, horrid. I dumped the shit away after a spoon, my siblings very unwillingly and amazingly had half of it. There wasnt a trace of happiness on their faces since, not to mention myself. Can't blame the maid can i? She know nuts about pasta. Then why did she cook pasta? Momentarily, after a series of angry questions in my mind and like a slap on my face, i thought i could do something about it.

I immediately made my way down to mall and to search for a couple of comforty ingredients. Browsed my sous books when "Pancetta, sage and parmesan risotto" glowed brightly and blinded my eyes. My brother loves rice and lil sister gets all smiley when she has bacon in her mouth, so it shouldn't go wrong.

And no nothing went wrong, though it was hard work (if you tried making a risotto from scratch you will know what i mean). It went in your mouth like an ocean of creamy smoky dancing grains scattering sage bouquets while having a subtle but sophisticated perfume that raises your eyebrows almost immediately. I naughtily added a splash of dry vermouth for the kick to it and substituted sage for the dried ones to match the martini. It was unusually creamy and the delightful aroma of the pancetta and sage blended so perfectly together. To sum it all up perfectly, i dripped a couple of e.v.o.o on the completed dish to fuse and compliment all the flavours together making it an absolutely joy to tuck into. All smilies after that. Haha!

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