The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Matthew's Birthday Salad "XXIII"

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Matthew's Birthday Salad "XXIII"

Acciughe con Peperoni e noci

A last minute decision to add a lil something to the party. This is a salad of eggs, rockets, grilled peppers, walnuts and anchovies which i made it in zero time.

The biggest obstacle hands down was blackening the peppers fully over a gas stove and removing the skins. Then my undies and clothes had to be removed too.

Um, i had different sides of opinions for this one. The typical Singaporeans think this is more suitable for a panda but the other wide minded people remained speechless while nodding their heads, so i guess it really depends what kinda person are you to enjoy the things you eat i think.

I had a missing entry last week, blame it all on the army marathon. Really tired this week after a series of missions but more cooking to come at the end of sept.

Gotta hurry to the next post cya in abit

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