The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Steak Tagliata "XXII"

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Steak Tagliata "XXII"

I watched a couple of Jamie Oliver's podcasts and got almost immediately inspired to cook steak. I made Steak Tagliata, a mountain of sliced juicy tender steak over a bed of rockets and topped shavings of parmesan. Really tasty, really flavorful, really good. The best thing about the Tagliata is that it was surprisingly easy to make.

First you need to get your steak, a good steak. Um.. a sirloin, fillet or ribeye if your feelin wealthy. Now salt your steak all over and get a griddle pan or a charcoal grill really hot. Drip in a couple teaspoons of EVOO into the pan or smear around the steak if gonna BBQ. Now sizzle steak for about 1-2mins a side for rare, 2-4mins a side for medium, 4-6mins for well.

Take it out of the pan and slice them into 1cm thick pieces. Grab a plate, scatter the rockets, lay the steak, drizzle about 2 tsps of balsamico aceto, some evoo and pepper then shave some parmesan on top of it.

Have fun.

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