The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Teglia di patate con cipolle "XVI"

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Teglia di patate con cipolle "XVI"

Oven baked potato and onion slices

was made for dinner to accompany some roast duck. My mom said it was nice; that means it was totally mediocre and to me it kinda meant that it sucks. Normally, nice dishes leave her speechless.

No, nothing went wrong in the cooking, the seasoning was perfect, potatoes creamy and the onions were sweet, so this can only be concluded that the recipe isn't working.

This will be my very first misjudgement of recipe; i've always expected alot from all of my recipes from the sous books, now i've learnt that potatoes and onions don't go very well alone in the oven.

That aside,

Getting to my camp from home would take about an hour if driving and an hour and a half if taking public transport.

I've been booked-out since Friday and will be shortly returning to back camp then i will book out on Thursday again for the nation's public holiday then book back in on the night itself. I will then book out again on Friday to g.... so on and forth.. i be going in and out of camp extremely often this week. Transport time and money gonna consume me like a paranoid girlfriend.

Sadly, I might just miss a dish or two for the week..

see you soon

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