The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Tagliatelle con ragù di salsiccia "XV"

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tagliatelle con ragù di salsiccia "XV"

This is one champion crowd pleaser, firstly it looks like one and the aroma's just brilliant.

Very tasty and it can get much more flavourful if you put in some good sausages, namely the italian herbed ones or england cumberland.

I can't reveal the recipe, but just a few tips.

You can use any tomato base ragù and add sausages in, skinning and slicing them into appropriate sizes first, tossing it with some fresh tagliatelle.

If you can't get hold of tagliatelle try using other egg based pastas for this one, it will taste much better imho.

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