The Trattoria Project and Spectaculars: Evaluation Three, Messing with Meat

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Evaluation Three, Messing with Meat

The stakes are steaks, meat fanciers are in the house and their support is crucial. I'm doing two dishes, one I bet my life on after months of refining, the other a menu tryout recipe that popped out of my mind a night before. It was tougher than I thought. Every inch of my lesser than average household kitchen was exploited and the atmosphere felt like that of a melting war zone. Sauces were spilled and fingers were burnt. But I like it so it's cool.


Fernandez, the seemingly amiable pinoy music teacher and Audrey, lady of prose. The meat whiners and diners.

Coming back to track my progress is Jon, deep thinker of food?

First Dish. Recipe from a dream:
Pork Shoulder Butt Steak with Burnt Butter Apple Sauce and Spicy Sweet Potato Mash
Fernandez: 8/10. "This is unique and the sauce is delicious. It is great to start with, but the experience goes downhill from there."
Audrey: 8/10. "Rainbow-phoric! This is so colorful. And that sweet potato mash is really good."
Jon: 8/10. "Lacking of focus. Nonetheless, it's a good combination!"

And the very refined,
Eye Fillet of Beef with Succotash X, Pomme Puree Y and Sauce Espagnole

Fernandez: 8.5/10. "If this is a well-marbled Kobe, it would be a 10. Otherwise, this is perfect."
Audrey: 9.5/10. "Quite perfect."
Jon: 9.5/10. "So good... Keep it up but don't get complacent, bitch."

You please the musicians and the musicians politely please you. Please, no puns.

I just did eye surgery and doc tells me to abstain from cooking for a week or two. Sorry if this is a rush, my eyes need rest. See you soon.


noble pig said...

Burnt Apple Butter? Move out of the way while I get in there with my freeloader fork!

klx said...

uncle dee!!! why am i always missing out on food tasting gatherings?!!! hmpf.


Uncle Dee said...

Ok!! But only if you bring along some of those Blue Sky Potatoes!

Germs, I was actually being very thoughtful about your weight :) However, please make for the next because you're gonna have that life altering mushroom dish you've always wanted. No Psilocybins included.

Marc said...

interesting Burnt Butter Apple Sauce and Spicy Sweet Potato Mash. no longer providing recipe here?

Uncle Dee said...

Send me your mail, I'll give you the recipe.